EGR Removal


Why a software intervention once removed (isolated) EGR-valve exhaust gas recirculation?

The removal of EGR-valve newer cars is not possible without software intervention. When he removed hardware from the vehicle drive motor computer monitors the flow of air entering the engine. When capped, EGR-valve readings for air flow are off limits, the computer understands this and immediately lights up on the dashboard of a problem as possible and entry into emergency mode when the car is reduced power.

What is EGR Valve?

The purpose of this valve is recirculated part of the exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold them back in the intake manifold. This is done to lower emissions.

In Gprotuning can change the ECU software so that EGR (system exhaust gas recirculation) to close permanently and practically not functioning.

A positive effect we indicated earlier acceleration turbocharger, faster reaction to throttle less risk of holding deposits on blades of turbo-compressor longer oil life and others.