DPF/FAP filter Removal

What is DPF / FAP particulate filters?

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) / FAP (Filtre à particules) or Bulgarian diesel particulate filter is a system that separates diesel soot from exhaust gases. The PURPOSE is to be met increasingly stringent environmental standards.

DPF FAP particulate filter The function of the particulate filter implies a relatively short period of effectiveness. In this regard, automakers have provided processes regeneratsiya of the particulate filter for longer life. Lots of factors, influence the regeneration process and its effect on the filter. One of the most important are:

  • style and driving conditions of the car;
  • the quality of the fuel;
  • oil quality.

As symptoms of blockage of the DPF / FAP filter can be identified:

  • increased fuel consumption;
  • loss of power;
  • more frequent service or work in emergency mode;
Dpf Filter

Why exclude DPF / FAP filter?

Car makers are naturally taken care to provide new particulate filters on the market for spare parts. Their price, however in most cases is a four and the problem will reappear after some time.

The only way to permanently solve the problem of the particulate filter is removing it. Besides physical, the filter should be removed and software. Thus ensuring correct operation of the engine. After correctness remove the filter by modifying the software, the car will work absolutely adequate and it will not have any negative consequences.

We can help with both the mechanical removal of the filter, and a software shutdown of the DPF / FAP.

Excluding DPF / FAP filter will it lead to any problems with the car?

After intervention by us remove DPF / FAP particulate filter will not only follow unwanted problems, and there will be the following positive effects:

  • reduced fuel consumption;
  • a slight increase in power;
  • permanently solve the problem of the particulate filter;
  • saving considerable amount of money.

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